Memberships + Programs

Attract more members by offering online registration on your website and social media pages.

Setting up Membership Plans

Creating custom membership plans doesn’t have to be difficult. DonorView gives you flexible tools to create plans, levels, prices, add-on purchases and non-refundable fees. Once you have the basics, you can use our pre-designed themes or apply your own colors and fonts so your form looks just the way you want.

Set up unlimited, custom membership forms

  • Create unlimited membership plans
  • Allow unlimited plan levels with specific pricing
  • Include non-refundable transaction fees for any plan level
  • Offer additional membership benefits with any plan
  • Use the html editor to create custom descriptions of each plan level
  • Ability to create a fully customizable “Join Now” button – change the text, color, font or size
  • Customize your membership registration page with colors, fonts, your logo, error messages and much more
  • Apply professional, pre-designed themes to your membership registration page
  • Upload a document and specify if it requires the member’s acknowledgement

Communicate with your Members

Members are an important part of your organization and you want to make sure you communicate with them regularly. Our integrated email marketing tools simplify the process and allow you to quickly and efficiently provide information to your members.

Sharing information is easy

  • Allow members to join your email lists directly from the registration page
  • Customize the acknowledgement email with an advanced html editor
  • Send automatic acknowledgement emails to new members
  • Receive internal notification emails for each membership registration received
  • Send Membership communications via integrated Email Marketing
  • Click on an email address to send an individual email
  • Request feedback from your members with integrated surveys and polls
  • Manage memberships from your mobile device