Peer 2 Peer Fundraising

Build community fundraising events

Community Fundraising

Setup your Peer to Peer event and provide access to the web portal for your participants to setup up their personal fundraising pages. Then keep track of every participant, who their supporters are and how much they raise for your cause.

Setup and Tracking

  • Enter the specifics of the event, such as dates, locations and fundraising goals
  • Receive notification when donations are made via participant pages
  • Track the donations in real time on fundraising grids and reports

Fundraising Progress

Share fundraising teams and their progress with graphs and charts on your website.

Know how your website compares

  • Create excitement amoung your supporters, show how much has been raised and how close you are to reaching your goal
  • Recognize top participants and teams
  • Allow friendly competition between your supporters to encourage higher participation rates