We believe in simple and straight forward pricing. One monthly fee gives you unlimited access to every feature of DonorView with no set up fee, no training fee, no support fee, no data conversion fee and no add-on products to buy. We invite you to sign up for a free demo and find out for yourself why so many non-profits are switching from other software packages to DonorView – did we mention that we will convert your data for FREE?

Up to 1000 Constituents
Up to 5000 Constituents
Up to 25000 Constituents
Up to 50000 Constituents
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What's included:
Fund Raising
Online Donations
P2P Fundraising
Event Management
Memberships and Programs
Mobile Payments
Email and Social Marketing
Online and Social Surveys

☻ CRM ☻ Fund Raising ☻ Online Donation ☻ P2P Fundraising ☻ Event Management ☻ Memberships & Programs ☻ Mobile Payments
☻ Online & Social Surveys ☻ Email & Social Marketing

Plus in the first year you get:
Unlimited User Licenses
Free Data Conversion
No Setup Fees
Online Trainings
Free Software Upgrades
Free Support

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